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Course Overview

11:00-4:30 EST each day

On June 15th we made the difficult decision to cancel our annual Ascend Conference for 2020. While our onsite Ascend Conference can’t simply be replaced, we are excited to announce our new Virtual Compliance & Legislative Summit.

The Virtual Compliance & Legislative Summit will allow attendees to personalize their conference experience. With a combination of live instructor-led sessions and on-demand content, attendees will have an opportunity to participate in 25+ courses (basic and advanced) to better their understanding of retirement, health, and education savings plans.

Your needs have changed as the retirement industry has evolved. Ascensus understands the demands financial organizations face to keep up with regulatory changes. And regulatory changes influence industry trends, so remaining competitive in the market presents a need to focus on industry expertise.

Who attends the Virtual Compliance and Legislative Summit?
Retirement, health, and education savings plan professionals at all levels attend the Virtual Compliance and Legislative Summit, bringing together all types of financial professionals.

  • Retirement Plan Product Managers
  • Relationship Managers
  • Operations and Compliance Managers and Staff
  • Personal Bankers
  • IRA Administrators
  • Trust Officers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Retirement Plan Client Services Managers and Staff Members
  • Call Center Managers and Support Staff
  • Third Party Administrators
  • CPAs
Below is a sample listing of course topics to be offered at the 2020 Virtual Compliance & Legislative Summit (titles subject to change).
  • Advanced Beneficiary Topics for IRAs and QRPs
  • Advanced HSAs
  • Advanced IRA and QRP Portability and Conversions
  • Advanced IRA Issues: Taking Penalty-Free IRA Distributions
  • Automatic Rollovers: What You Should Know
  • E-Delivery
  • Finding a Strategy for Missing Participants
  • Handling IRA Excess Contributions
  • Introduction to Beneficiary Options for IRAs and QRPs
  • Introduction to QRPs & 403(b) Plans
  • Legislative Reform: What's Changed, What's on the Horizon
  • Required Minimum Distributions for IRAs and QRPs
  • Roth IRAs: What You Should Know
  • Small Business Options: Focus on Solo(k) Plans