Onboarding Resources

Congratulations on becoming a Benefit Educator with Total Benefit Communications! We're excited to have you on our team! Please download the following documents and return them to recruiting@benefitprojects.com:

Once these forms are processed, you’ll be added to our system as an active Benefit Educator! We’ll follow up with a confirmation email to inform you that you’re active in our database and ready to accept meeting requests.

Please use this website as a reference portal to answer any questions that you may have related to being an active Benefit Educator. If you aren’t able to find an answer to your question, please reach out to recruiting@benefitprojects.com so we can further assist.

Your Role as a Benefit Educator

The TBC Enroller’s Handbook contains a wealth of information related to your roles and responsibilities as a Benefit Educator. Additionally, this video and the Benefit Educator Information Sheet will give you a better sense of what to expect as a new Benefit Educator.

Meeting Assignments

Meeting opportunity emails will be sent from the TBC team. It will be important to respond immediately with your availability for these assignments, as the meeting will be assigned to the first Benefit Educator that responds. If you are available, our meeting coordinator will respond directly to provide you with fee and assignment details as well as the First Meeting Training presentation, which mirrors the life cycle of a meeting. It is mandatory to review this presentation prior to reaching out to the client or location contacts.

Activity & Expense Report

Please refer to your email with the subject line “Congratulations! Application Process complete for TBC Benefit Educator” to obtain your credentials to log into our website. After each meeting, you’ll be required to complete an expense report. To review in further detail, please watch this video or refer to the TBC Expense Policy 2018.

Additional 401(k) Meeting Opportunities

A large portion of our meeting assignments come from Ascensus and Lincoln Financial Group. To become certified for these meetings, they require Benefit Educators to take a specific training related to their 401(k) plans and pass a related assessment.

Ascensus Training & Assessment

For Ascensus (ASC) meetings, you will have 3 attempts to score a minimum of 75%. The training materials include a PowerPoint presentation, Merrill Lynch training, and an FAQ. Use the credentials provided in the Merrill Lynch Training document to navigate through the website and review the 4 partners - Ascensus, Vanguard, Ascensus Align (Merrill Lynch), and BB&T. This assessment is very specific to information related to the partners, so it is very important that you review the website to gain insightful knowledge prior to taking the assessment.

When you’re ready to take the assessment, you can access it here. Upon completion, you will not receive your results automatically. Please send an email to recruiting@benefitprojects.com to prompt us to review and send your score.

Lincoln Financial Group Training & Assessment

For Lincoln Financial Group (LFG) meetings, you will have 3 attempts to score a minimum of 80%. Some LFG plans that you’ll be explaining during meetings offer online enrollment, so please review specific information related to these plans. When you’re ready to take the assessment, you can access it here. We’ve provided the training materials below:

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