• Data Information Sheet
  • Group Health Assessment & Presentation
  • 401(k) Assessment & Presentation
  • Background & Reference Check

Data Information Sheet

All candidates will need to download the Data Information Sheet and return it to recruiting@benefitprojects.com.

Group Health Assessment & Presentation

Step 1: UHC Statement of Acknowledgement Form

Group Health candidates will also need to download, sign and return the UHC Statement of Acknowledgement form to recruiting@benefitprojects.com.

Step 2: UHC Training & Assessment

For instructions on how to register for the UHC site, please email your contact using the subject line “Next Steps: Take UHC Wellness Assessment”. The Learning Objectives document will provide you with a generalized guide of topics to focus on. You will have 3 attempts to receive a minimum score of 75% and move forward in this process.

Step 3 : Tips for a Successful HSA Presentation and Q&A

  • Begin the HSA presentation by introducing yourself and who you’re representing.

    Note:You are representing United Healthcare not Total Benefit Communications
  • Provide an agenda of what you’ll be covering during the meeting
  • Clarify benefit terminology in the beginning
    • Explain what an HSA is and its advantages
    • Explain out of pocket maximums and how they work
    • With each slide, clarify coinsurance levels and prevent care, out-of-pocket maximums, rollover balances, qualified expenses, etc.
    • All information provided & responses given should correlate to your UHC knowledge
  • To prepare for the Q&A portion, you should review all aspects of an HSA plan and the UHC website. Below are common questions asked:
    • What qualifies me to open an HSA?
    • What is the contribution limits for 2019?
    • Can I have an FSA while simultaneously having an HSA?
    • Are there any tax advantages to having an HSA?
    • What is the difference between a Choice Plus and Choice plan?
    • Does UHC have a preferred bank to use for HSA accounts? (www.optumbank.com)

401(k) Assessment & Presentation

Step 1 : Initial 401(k) Assessment

All candidates are required to take the Initial 401(k) Assessment, which is designed to test your industry knowledge. To move forward in the onboarding process, you must obtain a minimum score of 80%.

Step 2 : Tips for a Successful 401(k) Presentation and Q&A

  • Overall, you should be well versed on how 401(k) retirement plans work and the special provisions related to this particular 401(k) plan, which can be found in the Plan Provision Summary. Additionally, review the ABC Company Enrollment Book.
  • Begin the 401(k) presentation by introducing yourself and who you’re representing.

    Note: You are representing Forever Financial, the vendor that manages the plan, not Total Benefit Communications.
  • Provide an agenda of what you’ll be covering during the meeting.
  • Clarify benefit terminology in the beginning.
  • Be able to explain plan provisions, how to access funds, the definition and differences between 401(k) pre-tax savings VS Roth after tax.
  • To describe which option is best and why, review the chart included in the presentation.
  • Provide a detailed explanation on Risk & Return by defining all investment categories.
  • Discuss inflation and how it affects investments.

After you complete the 401(k) onboarding process, there will be an opportunity to become certified for Ascensus and Lincoln Financial Group meetings. These organizations require Benefit Educators to complete specific online, self-paced training and pass a related assessment.

Background & Reference Check

After the presentations, we’ll check references and run a background check.

  • Reference Check: You’ll receive an email directly from SkillSurvey that will prompt you to input 3 professional references, who will be sent an anonymous survey to complete.
  • Background Check: You’ll receive an email directly from CareerBuilder Screening.

Once we hear from your references and your background clears, we will reach out and have you complete contractor paperwork so we can officially add you as an active Benefit Educators in our database.

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