Designed for sole proprietors and financial advisors, Ascensus’ Individual(k) plan solution offers a full range of support options to start a 401(k) plan or manage existing plans for small businesses.

A Big Plan for a Small Business

Individual(k) is an easy-to-implement and cost-effective plan to help self-employed individuals maximize retirement savings.

An Individual(k) plan is a cost-efficient 401(k)/profit sharing plan for small business owners. This type of retirement plan provides a number of substantial benefits that are not available through traditional small business retirement plans.

Designed exclusively for owner-only businesses and small businesses that exclude certain employees from coverage, the Individual(k) plan has many advantages over conventional 401(k) plans. The Individual(k) plan is designed to maximize contributions, but is less complex and cheaper to maintain than a 401(k) plan.

Individual(k) is a trademark of Ascensus, LLC.

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