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Over 8,000 banks and credit unions across the country and some of the most popular financial brands trust our platform for their retirement offerings. Through our private label solutions, you can get your brand name out there while leveraging our highly trained staff and advanced resources. This win-win arrangement lets you focus on growing your business while we take care of all the details in the background, helping you be more profitable, visible, and efficient.

Custom branded partnerships

Co-branded solutions


Your Brand. Our Platform.

A strategic private label arrangement can help you create and market an award-winning retirement product without any of the upfront investments. What’s more, you can take credit for our expertise and client-oriented service without worrying about the day-to-day operations.

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A strategic private label arrangement can help you create and market an award-winning retirement product without any of the upfront investments.

Give Your Brand a Plan

We’ve partnered with some of the top financial firms to introduce retirement plans that are specific and unique to certain market segments. If you have a market segment in mind and would like to create a high-value plan for that audience, we can help you implement your vision.

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We give your brand a plan.

Prototype Document Sponsorship Service

When your clients need retirement plan documents to establish, amend, or restate a plan, Ascensus’ Prototype Document Sponsorship Service can be your total outsource solution. We take on document sponsorship responsibilities for both your current and future clients.

This service includes the benefits of our Document Compliance Service along with these additional advantages.

  • Electronic delivery of documents and electronic signature
  • Direct billing between employers and Ascensus
  • Ascensus-hosted website with all plan establishment materials
  • Access to Ascensus’ full suite of adoption agreements

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This employer is confident with her prototype document managed by Ascensus.

Document Compliance Services

As a plan document sponsor, keeping up with amendment mailings and restatements can be a complicated, time consuming, and costly process.

Ascensus’ Document Compliance Service (DCS) handles both the annual amendment and six-year restatement process—along with the establishment of new QRP documents—directly with your employer plan clients. Our service includes:

  • Preparation of all plan documents for new plans
  • Client service team for employers and financial advisors
  • Regulatory and employer-initiated amendment processing
  • Documents tracked for completion and signature
  • Complete restatement services every six years

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Hard-working employers can rely on Ascensus' document compliance service to stay on track with the IRS.

Employer Direct Document Service

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, trouble-free way to provide your employer clients with compliant retirement plan documents, our Employer Direct Document Service is your solution.

As a prototype plan document sponsor, we assist employers with plan establishment, amendments, and restatements. Our IRS-approved defined contribution retirement plan documents are easy to use and drafted with the provisions that businesses want (and in a way that employers can understand). We will:

  • Maintain your plan data
  • Notify you of any disqualification issues
  • Maintain plan document and amendment requirements and history
  • Ensure that you adopt required amendments timely
  • Notify you of any disqualification issues

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Employers can feel confident that Ascensus maintains a compliant plan document program.

VCP Document Correction Service

Ascensus can help employers avoid the negative consequences of missed required plan document amendments—including plan disqualification—and retain the tax benefits their plan provides. We’ll work with your late and non-amenders to:

  • Bring their documents up to date
  • Facilitate their VCP submissions
  • Handle any additional requests for information from the IRS

Ascensus also will assume prototype sponsorship for your employer’s documents and work with them to bring their qualified plan documents to a current status and facilitate the submission to the IRS.

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You can feel confident that Ascensus can manage your VCP submission to the IRS.

Forms & Documents

Our document selection includes forms for 401(k), profit sharing, and money purchase pension plans, in addition to small business IRA-based SEP and SIMPLE IRA plans. The four types of documents we maintain are tailored to fit today’s market needs:

  • Super Simplified: Ideal for employers who want only the basic provisions
  • Simplified: A simple document that still includes key small business provisions
  • Flexible: A more extensive document with provisions to meet most employers business objectives
  • Comprehensive: A sophisticated document that accommodates highly customized plan designs

Call 800-346-3860 to learn more about our large selection of QRP documents. You may also order online for quick delivery.

View the Qualified Retirement Plans Forms Checklist

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Our plan documents are tailored to meet your business needs.

Document Sponsorship

As one of the nation’s largest providers of prototype plan documents, Ascensus offers the most versatile and professional IRS-approved defined contribution qualified retirement plan (QRP) documents available today. Our documents are easy to use and provide plan document sponsors with a competitive advantage in the QRP market.

Ascensus’ document sponsorship includes:

  • Discretionary and required amendments
  • Employer-plan client communication templates
  • Various plan sponsor forms and participant notices
  • More than 20 QRP document choices available

Call 800-346-3860 to learn more about our large selection of QRP documents and document services.

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Ascensus gives employers a reason to smile - we remove the burden of maintaining a compliance plan document.

Copyright Forms and Documents

Our document copyright license gives you the versatility to use our forms and documents in the ways that work best for you. Our documents are updated anytime regulations changes occur and branding and customization are available. With a copyright, you can:

  • Print your own forms
  • Integrate with your internal systems
  • House on your network or intranet for your staff to access

Call 800-346-3860 to learn more about our document copyright license.

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Our document copyright lets you focus on other important tasks, like growing your business.

Plan Adoption System™

Ascensus Plan Adoption System™ (PAS) is the answer to establishing a cost-effective, compliant, qualified retirement plan prototype. PAS is an Internet-based prototype plan document generation system that makes plan document preparation, set up, and modifications fast, easy, and accurate.

PAS organizes and selects all the documents necessary to establish qualified retirement plans (QRPs):

  • Streamlines the plan establishment process
  • Increases productivity using automated features
  • Ensures compliance with built-in checks and instant help screens
  • Improves communication across all channels
  • Minimizes the need for paper

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Ascensus' Plan Adoption System makes document generation easy and efficient.