IRS Releases 2019 Required Amendments List for Individually-Designed Qualified and 403(b) Plans

The IRS has issued Notice 2019-64, the 2019 Required Amendments List for drafting individually designed retirement plan documents for plans intended to be qualified under Internal Revenue Code Sections 401(a) (“qualified plans”) and 403(b).

In general, a Required Amendments List includes statutory and administrative changes in requirements that are first effective during the plan year in which the list is published, but does not include guidance that is issued or legislation that is enacted after the list has been prepared.


The list is divided into two parts. Part A covers changes in requirements that generally would require an amendment to most plans; or, to most plans of a type that would be affected by the change. Part B includes changes in requirements that the Treasury Department and the IRS anticipate will not require amendments to most plans, but might require an amendment because of an unusual provision in a particular plan.