IRS Publishes Corrections to MEP “Bad Apple” Proposed Regulations

Several corrections to IRS proposed regulations on multiple employer plans (MEPs) were published in the Federal Register. Originally published on July 3, 2019, this proposed guidance would revise 1979 IRS final regulations on MEPs—arrangements under which several employers elect to participate in a common plan.

A key revision being proposed in these regulations addresses the so-called “bad apple” rule, under which an entire MEP could fail to meet qualification requirements because of a compliance failure by one employer. This is known formally as the “unified plan rule.” These regulations propose an exception to the unified plan rule and—if certain requirements are met—compliance failures by individual participating employers need not jeopardize the entire MEP.

Most of the corrections published in the Federal Register are of a grammatical or punctuation nature, or a minor omission, such as failing to precede an Internal Revenue Code citation with the word “Section.” However, one substantive change corrects an omission in the preamble (page 31788) to these proposed regulations. Added by the correction is the parenthetical reference “(and their beneficiaries”) to a proposed notification requirement.

Specifically—in the event of a compliance failure by a participating MEP employer—a notification must be sent by the MEP plan administrator to participants if that participating employer has proven unresponsive. The proposed regulation states that such notices must be provided to beneficiaries, as well. However, the preamble as published did not include a reference to beneficiaries. The correction now being made aligns the preamble with the regulation itself.