OMB to Review Proposal to Revise RMD and Beneficiary Life Expectancy Tables

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has received for review proposed Treasury/IRS regulations that would update life expectancy and distribution period tables used when calculating required minimum distributions (RMDs) from retirement savings arrangements, including required distributions to beneficiaries. According to its website, the OMB reviewed the proposal on August 13. While no legal deadline for completing review of the guidance is listed, it is generally expected that OMB’s review would be completed within 60–90 days, after which the guidance would be expected to be published in the Federal Register.

This proposed update to the life expectancy and distribution period tables is in response to an Executive Order issued by President Trump in August 2018. In that Executive Order, the President directed the Treasury Department and the Department of Labor to seek regulatory avenues for enhancing retirement saving opportunities. Specifically recommended were updating the above-described distribution tables to reflect longer life expectancies (tables last updated in 2002), enhancing opportunities for employers to participate in multiple employer plans (MEPs), and simplifying retirement plan disclosure processes.