David Musto Reflects on Leading Through Challenging Times

In a recent Forbes feature​, president and CEO David Musto reflects on his experience leading through complex problems and challenging times, most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic. Musto summarizes his top priorities in the face of the COVID outbreak: shifting associates to remote work; finding ways to engage and communicate with thousands of associates, partners, & clients; addressing a broad variety of cybersecurity risk factors; and more. He also comments on the “profoundly personal” effect that the pandemic has had on people across the globe, and how that has raised the stakes even more in his quest to effectively lead and continue to deliver for Ascensus’ clients.

“Great leadership is about setting a clear direction, being a purveyor of hope and optimism, sustaining trust, and getting results. High functioning leaders are able to do some combination of those things well,” states Musto.