Lisa Massena Discusses Progress of State-Facilitated Retirement Programs

In this recent MarketWatch article, VP Lisa Massena discusses how state-facilitated retirement programs have motivated employers to reconsider the retirement benefits they’re offering employees. ​​“This is a rising tide that floats many boats,” she adds, indicating that those employers eligible for the program that might prefer a private retirement plan option are now entering that decisioning process. “For us, that’s a win, too,” states OR Treasurer Tobias Read. ​The article also features commentary from Luke Huffstutter, owner of Anastasia Salon and ​an employer who is currently enrolled in the OregonSaves program. ​He describes the program as the answer to a problem he had been facing for years: profitability issues ​that made it difficult for him to sustain a 401(k) plan to help his employees invest in their future.