Dan Kravitz Explains the Impact of Tax Reform on Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

In an article​ published by PLANADVISER, Dan Kravitz, head of Kravitz, discussed ​his most recent webinar, which ​​​explained the impact of the Ta​​x Cuts and Jobs Act on employer-sponsored​​ retirement plans. ​​The tax bill will allow many ​​clients to have a lower tax rate, directly impacting ​​small business owners’ decisions ​about running retirement plans. ​“Many but not all of these owners can now deduct up to 20% of qualified business income,” Kravitz noted. “There are many limitations and phase-outs that have to be considered, but pass-through entities are taxed at the individual level, as we know, so it is important to understand the new individual rates, because it will directly impact plan design decisions that do fall within our purview.”​