Tax Acts Postponed Following New York Storms, Flooding

January 4, 2007 – The IRS has posted a news release granting relief for certain tax act deadlines as a result of November 16-17, 2006, storm and flood damage in New York’s Broome and Chenango counties. News release NY-2007-01 grants relief that includes extending filing deadlines, as well as deadlines for completing certain time-sensitive tax-related acts covered under Treasury Regulation 301.7508A-1(c)(1). This includes such acts as completion of rollovers, correction of certain excesses, taking required minimum distributions, etc. Covered acts with deadlines on or after November 16, 2006, and on or before February 12, 2007, are extended through February 12, 2007. This news release may be accessed as follows.,,id=165635,00.html