Legislation: Retirement Plan Distribution Relief for Hurricane Katrina Victims


Congress has been working diligently to provide assistance to victims of Hurricane Katrina with the House and the Senate recently passing slightly different relief bills. As of September 19, 2005, these differences are being reconciled, and enactment of the legislation is expected shortly.

Tax and Penalty Relief for Qualified Disaster-Relief Distributions

Although Congress may modify provisions before enactment, following are some of the retirement plan-related provisions of the two current relief bills.  This legislation affects qualified retirement plans, 403(b) plans, governmental 457(b) plans and IRAs.  If passed as proposed, the legislation would

  • eliminate the 10 percent early distribution penalty tax and the 20 percent mandatory withholding requirement for qualified disaster-relief distributions up to $100,000,
  • allow individuals to pay the income tax on qualified disaster-related distributions ratably over three years,
  • permit individuals up to three years to recontribute qualified disaster-relief distributions back in to their accounts,
  • allow individuals who took qualified home purchase distributions up to six months before the date Hurricane Katrina was declared a disaster area (August 29, 2005) to recontribute unused amounts, and 
  • increase the maximum retirement plan loan to the lesser of 1) $100,000 reduced by the participant’s highest outstanding loan balance during a one-year look-back period, or 2) the participant’s accrued benefit under the plan. 

Watch the ALERT section of www.bisysretirement.com for details on this legislation after enactment.

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