HSA Workshop Course Overview

Attend the HSA Workshop for a comprehensive HSA curriculum and a practical understanding of critical rules and operational issues. This workshop covers all aspects of a successful HSA program.

Course topics may include
Introduction to HSAs

  • Explain the benefits of an HSA
  • Discuss growth trends in the HSA marketplace
  • Define in-depth high deductible health plan (HDHP) requirements
  • Recognize the HSA eligibility requirements and the testing period rules
  • Describe exceptions to HDHP coverage

Establishing an HSA

  • Summarize the process for establishing an HSA and the required documents
  • Identify the requirements for amending HSA documents
  • Discuss past legislation that may have required an amendment

HSA Funding

  • Define the contribution limits and the deadline
  • Describe the last month rule and the testing period rules
  • Discuss the effect of changes in HDHP coverage during the year
  • State the rules for a qualified HSA funding distribution from an IRA and how they are reported
  • Ensure accurate regular contribution reporting
  • Discuss the effects of Medicare on funding eligibility

HSA Distributions

  • Summarize the tax consequences of qualified and nonqualified distributions
  • Describe ways to prevent an extension of credit to an HSA owner and the ramifications of a prohibited transaction
  • Communicate how HSA fees are handled
  • Describe a mistaken distribution
  • Correctly handle excess contributions
  • Explain how to handle excess contributions when an HSA has a zero balance
  • Explain the tax treatment of an HSA after the HSA owner’s death
  • Ensure accurate distribution reporting

HSA Portability

  • Distinguish the rules for transfer and rollovers
  • Ensure accurate rollover reporting

HSA Compliance

  • Identify the financial organization’s responsibilities in administering the HSA program
  • Recognize the information sources used for HSA guidance
  • Recognize financial organizations’ responsibility versus HSA owners’ responsibilities

Who should attend?
You should attend this seminar if you

  • need to become more comfortable with HSA rules,
  • are responsible for ensuring a compliant HSA department,
  • or are responsible for internal systems, HSA transaction codes, and proper HSA administration