In Focus: The Small Business Opportunity

Small business plays a critical role in the economy, but has struggled to provide cost-effective retirement benefits. How are public policy and industry enhancements addressing this problem?

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Workplace Benefits for the Fastest-Growing Segment of the American Economy


Roughly half of American workers have access to workplace retirement plans, but these plans are predominantly found in large companies. And the small companies that strive to provide quality plans struggle to do so efficiently because they lack the administrative resources and expertise to choose among strategies and service providers.

But now, public policy and industry enhancements are converging to expand retirement plan coverage for millions of small business workers. What’s the role of the modern advisor in this shifting landscape? In this white paper, we explore the small business opportunity and how best to capitalize on it.

“Millions of new workers will have access to workplace savings as a result of emerging policies and business practices. Advisors will play a critical role in helping small business to navigate this evolving ecosystem…”

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