How do I maintain my CIS certification?

If you’ve completed the CIS program, you’ll need to earn credits toward renewing your certification. Recertification requires a total of 24 credits earned over the three-year certification period and extends the certification another three years. If you don’t complete the recertification process by December 31 of the year certification expires, you will have to begin the original certification process again. Ascensus will provide you with access to a system so that you can self-track your CE credits.

Recertification for CIS I must include attendance at Ascend, IRA University, or IRA Institute.

Recertification for CIS II must include attendance at Ascend or IRA Institute.

Additional credits can be earned from any of combination of the following.

Program attendedCredits for completion*Maximum number of credits per event
Ascensus Webinar1.51.5 credits per webinar each 3-year period
Ascensus eLearning Course1.51.5 credits per eLearning course each 3-year period
Advanced IRAs Seminar (Ascensus Trainer) 7.257.25 credits per year
IRA Essentials Seminar (Ascensus Trainer)7.257.25 credits per year
IRA Essentials OnDemand7.257.25 credits per year
IRA University15 (CIS I only)15 credits per year
IRA Institute** (Onsite or Online)33.533.5 credits per year
*Credits in excess of the required 24 each three years do not carry over to future recertification.
**Must have knowledge at CIS II level to attend IRA Institute

Call 800-346-3860, option 2, suboption 3, for more information.