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Course Overview

Whether you're interested in learning the fundamentals or want to explore more advanced topics, Ascend courses cover all aspects of retirement, health, and education savings plans. Below is a sampling of course titles.

IRA Topics

  • Advanced IRA Issues: Taking Penalty-Free Distributions
  • CIS II Exam Prep Workshop
  • Employer Options: SEP Plans and SIMPLE IRAs
  • Handling IRA Excess Contributions
  • Intro to IRAs
  • IRA Legal Issues
  • IRA Reporting
  • IRA Update
  • Roth IRAs: What You Should Know
  • Withholding Requirements for IRAs

IRA/Quaified Plan Topics

  • Advanced Beneficiary Topics for IRAs and QRPs
  • Advanced Portability for IRAs and QRPs
  • Automatic Rollovers: What You Should Know
  • Beneficiary Options for Deaths in 2020 and Beyond
  • Finding a Strategy for Missing Participants
  • Introduction to Beneficiary Options
  • Required Minimum Distributions

HSA Topics

  • CHSP Exam Prep Workshop
  • HSA Advanced Concepts
  • HSA Certification Workshop
  • HSAs: Exploring Their Advantages
  • Introduction to HSAs

Qualified Plan Topics

  • Introduction to QRPs
  • QRP Legal Issues
  • QRP Update
  • Small Business Options: Focus on Solo(k) Plans

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