IRA Document Amendment Solutions

Understanding when to amend IRA documents is not always easy. We’re here to help.

Ascensus closely watches for law changes that affect IRAs. When amendments are required or recommended, we’ll help you stay
compliant by guiding you through the amendment process.

How We Can Help

The Ascensus IRA Provisions Only Disclosure Statement Amendment for Tax Law Changes for 2018 can be used with any document. This amendment incorporates the following changes to IRAs.

  • Recharacterizations of conversions and employer-sponsored retirement plan-to Roth IRA rollovers are no longer allowed.
  • The amount of medical expenses needed to qualify for the 10% early distribution penalty tax may be reduced for certain individuals.
  • Rollover relief will be granted for returns of improper IRS levies.
  • The rollover deadline is extended for certain plan loan offset amounts.


Amendment Mailing Service

Purchase our Amendment Mailing Service and let us do the work for you. We’ll print and mail the amendment—and cover letter explaining the changes—to your Traditional, Roth, and SIMPLE IRA owners.

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Buy hardcopy amendments for Traditional, Roth, and SIMPLE IRAs. With no minimum order requirement, order each separately and get exactly what you need—and a sample cover letter explaining the changes.

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Copyright License

Get a copyright license and fulfill amendments in the way that works best for you—including electronic delivery. The cost of a copyright license includes amendments for Traditional, Roth, and SIMPLE IRAs, and a sample cover letter explaining the changes.

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# of Accounts Amendment Mailing Service
Cost per IRA, per type*
(plus postage)
Cost per IRA, per type
Copyright License
Cost for all IRAs
1-249 $6.31 $0.69 $75.00
250-999 $5.53 $0.61 $125.00
1000-1499 $4.83 $0.53 $325.00
1500-1999 $4.46 $0.49 $475.00
2000-4999 $4.05 $0.44 $625.00
5000-9999** $3.35 $0.37 $1,350.00
*$75.00 minimum
**Larger quantities available.


Are you unsure whether you’re current on past amendments, or are you ready to convert to Ascensus IRA documents?

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